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Integrity Solar is a Family owned
and operated company with the
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Integrity Solar

Integrity Solar Electric Corp is a family owned and operated company with the most experienced team in Solar PV Design, Sales and Installation.  Integrity Solar's RMO has been a C10 Electrical Contractor serving the Southern California Commercial and Residential Electrical Market for the past 18 years and Specializing Exclusively in Solar PV for the past 12 years. Our Team’s experience covers over 300 residential Solar Installations ranging from 3KW to 25KW and Commercial Solar Systems ranging from 30KW to 1.2 Megawatt for a total of over 9 Megawatts of installed Solar PV in Southern California.


  • Installation

    The installation of your solar system is the culmination of all the experience the contractor has to offer and it is also the most critical part of the job.

  • Design

    With over 20 megawatts of commercial and residential design completed for our clients, we are proven with any design challenge locally and abroad. 

  • Maintenance

    All investor owned utility scale systems factor in maintenance costs. Most commercial and residential cash flow estimates before being built also factor in a small amount of service.

  • Assessment

    With so much capital and expense riding on every system that is installed, we ensure that we visit and survey the sites that we provide proposals for.

Integrity Solar Electrical Corp,
License #C10/B 1011442.